dinsdag 5 april 2011

Miranda Vissers

This peculiar 'Paasvlinder' - 'Easter Butterfly' collage was made and sent by Miranda Vissers from the Netherlands.

A funny odd animal. Even more weird is the fact that around Easter, the Easter Bunny is carrying around eggs ('Easter Bunny' in Dutch is 'Paashaas', literally 'Easterhare', no bunny!).
So maybe an Easter Butterfly is less weird. After all, unlike the rabbit, the butterfly is an egg laying animal!

Note the Mail Art flowers and leaves: they have been made from 25 cents and 1 gulden (Dutch florin) postage stamps from the pre-Euro era.

More art work by Miranda Vissers you can find here and here, and her contribution to Your Doctor in Mail Art is this beautiful one.

Many thanks, hartelijk dank, Miranda!

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