zaterdag 2 februari 2013

Nicole Eippers (9)

This collage of a real weird animal was made and sent by Nicole Eippers from Belgium.
I am happy that Nicole mentioned the name of this funny creature on the back side: otherwise I never would have known that this is a squid, an upside-down swimming Helicocranchia pfefferi aka banded piglet squid! Such a funny looking animal!

An other funny thing is, that this picture makes me think of a Pig. Even of a piggy bank, don't you think so? If you do, create a Piggy piece of mail art and check Nicole's website to know where to send your pigs mail art to!

And note how apt the postage stamp is. While the ladies are doing synchronized swimming (in Dutch we call it 'kunstzwemmen' = 'art swimming'), below them the wonderful underwater world is alive and kicking (and smiling)!

Thank you very much, merci beaucoup Nicole!

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