maandag 30 september 2013

Ruud Janssen (3)

Again a beautifully painted envelope by Ruud Janssen from the Netherlands.
Showing two pairs of eyes, so two animals, Nocturnal Animals in fact.
Ruud wrote that these animals are living in couples and that I, by knowing this fact, should know them. But to be honest: I'm not sure whether these are Possums, or Barn Owls, or ...?

The same mystery concerns the animal shown here. The title says it's a spear point, but I almost am sure that this is an animal, too. Or at least this might be the habitat of the tapeworm.
Well, because it's an add-to-and-pass-on, I'll think of adding a specimen of such an animal to it. To be continued!

And of course above left you can see the famous Bunny.

A real 'animal' is this Human, watching a true quote: yes, Mail Art Matters!

The scanned envelope on top shows a nice overview, but in real the colours are even more bright. The scan didn't pick up that, but my photo camera did a bit: see the neon pink colours right above, enjoy!

Thank you very much, veel dank, Ruud!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The animals by Ruud are giving you a lot of fun guessing...!
    I like them anyway, whether they exist or not.

  2. wat een leuke blog...... Glad you liked it! Ruud