donderdag 22 mei 2014

Cascadia Artpost (2)

These little fellows are called 'Peeps', but I would label them in this blog as human beings.
Nice photos, and note the artistamp on the backside. Thank you very much, Cascadia Artpost!

The same day this envelope came into my mailbox. Great messages on the rubber stamp prints on the back, don't you all think so?!

Inside an unexpected surprise: a 'Go Green' card! Cascadia Artpost has sent me a 'Go Green' card some time ago. It's an amazing card: within the paper there are seeds, which you can let grow by planting the postcard.
However, the back side of the previous card I considered too beautiful to have it vanish into the soil, so I wanted to keep that card complete.
And now he had sent me a second, almost blank, card! Looking forward to seeing which kind of plants will grow out of this.

Thanks so much, Cascadia Artpost, so thoughtful of yours!

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