donderdag 26 februari 2015

Ti Ar Raden

Last week, 19th of February, the (lunar) Year of the Sheep / Ram / Goat has started. Exactly a month before I received this wonderful Ram, together with a Bull, Fish, a Cow and a bunch of other Farm Animals on the Cow's back. Created and sent by Ti Ar Raden.
The doodled/tangled Bull is a Pie Noir, the Ram is a Ouessant Ram.

On the other side some great stamps, among them a speedy Turtle and the Ermine (Stoat), the poor latter looses his/her tail to various coats of arms (among them coats from Brittany and the Netherlands) and royal cloaks (among them the Dutch one)... Fortunately the Ermine is alive and kicking in this beautiful artistamp.

Thank you very much, trugarez vras, Ti Ar!

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