maandag 1 juni 2015

Mail Art Martha (7)

This Mouse jumped into our house, thanks to Mail Art Martha!

The mouse is a mammal, similar to mankind and to superheroes.
Martha's envelope contained several of them. Most important is this hero: the Postman!

In the Queendom in which Mail Art Martha is living, it is Postman Kevin who supplies Martha of all kinds of delicious mail art.
A real hero, who deserves to be on a stamp himself, and fortunately Martha issued a Postman Kevin stamp. You can see the stamp showing Kevin here, and if you look close, an other Postman is honoured, too, by a rubber stamp print: the Snail Mail Snail!

These came on this great envelope (I love cartoons/comics on envelopes), front side and back side:

Also in this envelope these peculiar Medieval People flew into my house:

Thank you very much, Mail Art Martha!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. So do I! And did you see that the SuperPostman is Kevin, Mail Art Martha's mail deliver hero?! I just noticed it after posting this mail art, thatthe person on the artistamp is the same as the person drawn!