zaterdag 4 juli 2015

Denise Souray

Wow, see this Dragonfly! Amazing mixed media mail art created by Denise Souray from Canada.
When I watched closer, I suddenly saw that this Dargonfly has been created from unexpected, yet so suitable material. Do you see it?

And funny, coincidental: recently I was thinking of creating Maple leaf mail art to send to some other mail artist in Canada (I had collected some maple leaves last autumn for this purpose). I still didn't find enough time to do so, however at the same time, overseas, Denise must have turned these Maple seeds into this beautiful fragile insect.

And do we call a dragonfly (in Dutch: libelle) sometimes a helicopter for the way he/she stays in the air at the same place for some time, the maple seed we sometimes call a helicopter, too, when we have it fall from the third floor and see it turn like helicopter wings on its way to the ground!

By the way: see these wonderful Dinosaur stamps, too!

Thank you very much, Denise, it's beautiful!

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