zondag 18 oktober 2015


I was expecting a parcel from Spain. After many days, the waiting time turned into weeks. Within Europe, so much time? I was amazed...
Also the sender started to wonder where it would be.

Finally the parcel arrived, and the stamp on the box gave me the clue:

Sent to my country from Spain: via Canada!

Inside the box there was the most lovely Owlet: ho,owl!
He immediately joined me to enjoy my morning meal.

We know little ho,owl by his stories. Check the ho,owl website to learn more about this friendly Owl! And see ho,owl's instagram account for more adventures.

By the way, he had been sent to me because I had drawn him my favourite breakfast:

Thank you very much, ho,owl and Piter!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. How strange, it was missent to Canada! Happily the owl arrived safe and sound.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Eva! Thanks to your post (hadn't you received mail, missent to Jamaica?!) I learned of the 'missent to' phenomenon. Despite of the delay, I think it great, to realize how mail can travel worldwide! And I realize how thankful we must be that most of our mail, among thousands, billions of other peolle's pieces of mail, arrives direct and fast to our places :-)

  3. You're right. Sometimes I'm angry because of lost mail ("missent" is not a big problem, if it arrive finally...). But most of the times I think that mail is a kind of modern miracle.

    By the way, I love your mug (and your breakfast, of course!). I'm going to give something similar (but with "happy birthday" written on) to my nieces. Their birthday is soon.

  4. Interesting blog Heleen! This missent story is amazing, how did the parcel manage to travel so far before going back to Europe?! If only the box could talk!! (Joe Pan aka Torafish)

  5. Thank you, Joe! Yes, the way the mail goes sometimes is amazing!
    Although I often think the 'common' journeys of mail amazing, miraculous, too. After so many kilometers traveling, together with thousands to billions pieces of other mail, most of it arrives correct place, worldwide..
    I am happy my mail made it to your place, too!