zondag 6 maart 2016

Dean, Artist in Seine (4)

'He keeps on smiling' was the first thing that came in mind when I received Remy, trapped in a real mouse/rat trap!
The second thought which came into mind was 'wow, how good this piece - and how did all mail traveling with it - survive(d) the postal roads?!'.

The good news is that this mouse trap cannot hurt mice and rat anymore, as this will become part of my archieves (until the mice and rats will start to eat my mail art archieve).

Many thanks to Dean, Artist in Seine, who often challenges the Postal systems. And who is a bar code artist, too. See this detail on the back:

And just now I see the French stamp has playing people on it:

The message on the back is a chocolate-related one. Always good, as I love (milk) chocolate:

Truely hope Dean won't set a human trap, as I think it obvious who ate the chocolate. Not Remy, as he loves haute cuisine! (Heleen wiping off traces of chocolate from her face)

And here's the complete back side:

Thank you very much, Dean!

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