maandag 29 augustus 2016


"Sqoxes are surprisingly good at snorkeling. They hide their best nuts in ziplock bags under rocks as no one ever finds them there (often this includes themselves as they are terribly forgetful)."

I am a big fan of Pufflingspaintings' paintings. I learned to know the painter via Instagram. You can find her also on Twitter and Etsy. Every time her illustrations of the adventures of Sqox and Unicorn succeed to cause a big smile on my face.

"Just having a little lunch."

Some time ago, after a conversation we had on instagram about nuts, I decided to send her my version of Sqox, accompanied by some delicious chestnuts.
And some time later she surprised me with these great illustrations.

Some summer views of Unicorn.

Thank you very much, Pufflingspaintings!

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