maandag 31 juli 2017

Eva (27)

Where there are Smurfs (see previous post), there is Eva and there is me. Where there is Eva and me, there is Mail. Where there is Mail... there is the Mail Monster!

A cute animal, I think when seeing this lovely portrait by Eva. But maybe appearances are deceptive.
Anyway, more about the Mail Monster and his/her life and mail habits, we will learn in future, thanks to Eva's Mail Monster project.

Thank you very much, Eva!
I'll reply as soon as I know more about this nn MM !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Me too, I'm looking forward to learn more about the mail monsters. They are now scatered around the world... I hope I'll find some of them when I come back in Morocco!

  2. So far they still are a mystery to me... But we will find out more! :-)

  3. Great Mail Monster! I love the way Eva drew its feet.