dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

Amuldo (2)

An other beautiful amazing animal sent by Amuldo from the Netherlands: the Octopus! Or better: Octopus meets the Squirrel.

"'Do you think me weird?!', the octopus asked the squirrel.
The squirrel watched him and hesitated for a while.
'I mean, with all those arms and suction cups,' the octopus said.
His cheeks turned grey and he looked down.
'Not at all', the squirrel said. 'I don't think you weird.'
'I am not weird indeed', the octopus said in a low voice....."

Watch the - again great - stamps, and the messages on the rubber-stamped waves (click on the picture to enlarge)!

The text has been written by the Dutch writer Toon Tellegen. For the people who never heard of Toon Tellegen (pronounce the Dutch name 'Toon' more or less as 'Tone'): to my opinion, I think it's worth reading more work of this author. He writes short stories about all kinds of weird animals (well, after reading this short story I'm afraid they're not that weird anymore!). Apparently about animals, but of course providing us humans a lot of food for thought.

Thanks a lot, hartelijk dank voor deze leuke verrassing, Amuldo!

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