vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Serse Luigetti

A Horse! Such a common animal, loved by many. 'Common', but when looking close, it becomes clear that Horses are a kind of weird, too!
There are only a few animals who allow people to sit on their back for hours and still keep on smiling (in the Horse's case, keep on their ears up).

Serse Luigetti from Italy created this beautiful Paper Horse, and of course - I think - Serse's Mail Art wouldn't be complete without some visual poetry.

On the envelope some more animals.
Below a detail of this very inconvenient truth:

Serse added a few postcards, of which in this one I see a wellknown animal, too (already visualised by many artists): the Human Being.

Here more of Serse Luigetti's visual poetry. I cannot read it, so if anyone can decode the text, please let me know. Or am I so weird not to see - and just enjoy, nothing more - the visual image?!

(I love the envelop between the rounds!).
Thanks a lot, grazie mille, Serse!

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