vrijdag 14 maart 2014


Beautiful water colour painting of the Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxii) by Stripygoose!
See the fine drawn blue feet, and the selfconfident gaze. Thank you very much, Stripygoose!!

Stripygoose is doing a project: draw a bird every day during 365 days. And you can join creating birds and send them to Stripygoose! I did, see here.
Today I was the lucky receiver of this Real Stripygoose Art Bird!

On the backside Stripygoose explains where the name 'Blue-footed Booby' comes from. In Dutch, however, this Booby isn't called 'blue-footed fool', but 'blauwvoetgent' (blue-footed gent').
According to the wiki about this Booby's northern cousin, the Dutch word 'gent' seems to originate from the English word 'gander', which later changed into 'gannet', and the Dutch word 'gent', which resembles the Dutch word for 'goose' (namely 'gans').

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