donderdag 16 oktober 2014

GX Jupitter-Larsen

Obviously not meant for this Real Weird Animals site, but thanks to the animal shown on the postage stamp - the Sea Cucumber! - and thanks to the fact that I thought this a clever use of someone else's envelope (I don't think it would be named 'recycled art', do you?), the work of art is posted here.
Mail art from the mysterious GX Jupitter-Larsen, or also - that is, the front of the cover - by Ruud Janssen, as I had received the envelope (you see the original below on the left) from Ruud before :-)

Sea cucumbers are funny animals. In Dutch we have the same name: zeekomkommer (komkommer = cucumber), but the animal looks even more complicated than a green cucumber.

GX added some notes on waves (see above on the right, click to enlarge). Very inspiring to add some waves to. But where to send to?

And the back of the envelope is a delight, too. Interesting writing, great rubber stamp prints and beautiful postage stamps. Thank you very much, GX!

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  1. In Catalan we use the same name: "Cogombre de mar". I found in Wikipedia that in Mallorca they say "Pardal de moro" ('Moorish Bird'); however, I have never heard this.

    Some of them are edible, but very expensive. They are considered a delicacy. I'm not sure, but I think now they are protected as endangered animals. In fact, you can't find them in restaurants.

    In Morocco people don't like sea food very much, except for prawns.

    (Sorry for writing about edible animals in this blog...!)