woensdag 1 oktober 2014

Nico van Hoorn (3) & Jaap-Aap (1)

Recently I drew the two famous fellows Jaap-Aap and Edmund, and sent it to Jaap-Aap and Nico van Hoorn.
And very soon after, Nico sent me Jaap-Aap's kind reply: a view inside of the Personal Photo Album of Jaap-Aap!

With a nice portrait / whole body picture.

And Jaap-Aap standing in an amazing watery landscape! Fortunately the Bear didn't notice nor ate Jaap-Aap.

Jaap-Aap watched an interesting Bird...

...And did his own laundry!

He also appeared to be an experienced operator of the mixing panel (I was not sure whether Jaap-Aap was mixing sounds or mixing lights, or both, or if he was operating the railway logistics, but after some investigation I found out that Jaap-Aap was making Radio!)

Meanwhile I could enjoy a picture of a pictogram, a person pushing the pedestrian's traffic light button.

And Jaap-Aap started to create Art.

Thank you very much, Jaap-Aap and Nico, hartelijk dank!

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