woensdag 16 november 2016

Dean, Artist in Seine (5)

Received from Dean, Artist in Seine, this great collage. I first thought the animal to be a Donkey, because of the tail and maybe long ears, but then I thought it a Zebra who was losing his or her stripes, thus becoming a Horse. Is my theory correct? I will never know, unless Dean gives a clue :-)

On the back side a Lizard or Varanus, and a ticket-giving-Human, along with some more Human beings.

Thank you very much, Dean!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy it arrived.  No, that's a Zebra who lost his/her Barcodes!
    It was for Halloween, but I forgot to mail it in time.
    Too busy with what she is looking at.
    Thanks for the blog.
    Does anyone else ever look here?

  2. I was blaming the mail companies for being late, but fortunately ot was you, so my faith in the postal services is kept well :-)
    (I am mailing not in time very often, too...)

    And yes, sometimes some wellknown anyone-elses are looking (and commenting) here, too.
    And according to the blog statistics, hundreds of views a week by unknown Russian, American and others occur. I am not sure if they all are mail artists, too.

    1. Thanks again, I love this piece of mail art a lot!
      Black-and-white animals on turquoise background definitely belong to my favourites. And weird lizards, too. And chips, hidden in handkerchief aquariums :-)