zondag 19 februari 2017

Minneapolis Gnome (2)

Pleasantly surprised I was by the mail Minneapolis Gnome has sent me at the start of this year. A tiny calendar!
It landed at my place already weeks ago, and finally I found the time to scan and show you some parts of it. On one of the pages the Rhinoceros shows up, which Minneapolis Gnome had sent me last summer.
On top you see the Rooster (or Hen?), perfectly matching for this New Year

And below an activity known and dear to many of us:

Also Minneapolis Gnome knows the art and craft of spinning (I can't, fortunately they do), as you see here:

This #safetypin heart and these safety pins and words I think a beautiful piece of hope. Safety pins have the ability to connect, as have all humans. So I hope they - we all - should be and feel connected. Even though sometimes hope and connection are preceded by a safety pin-prick!..

Two Gnomes, cosily chatting and knitting:

On the front page of the calendar a good warning. That you shouldn't drink and drive is clear. The modern danger lies in app-and-drive, or snapchat-and-drive, or check-email-and-drive, or text-and-drive. Or whatever. But don't, while driving!

The calendar and drawings came in a colourful envelope. Great 3D coloured pencil rub art!

Thank you very much, Minneapolis Gnome!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. That's wonderful! I especially love the gnomes knitting. And the page "don't text and drive", but for different reasons, of course!

  2. Knitting, yay! Thank you for showing me the photos of your great knit work, Eva! (Sorry for not yet having replied to your email, busy here..)

    Concerning txt and drive, here in NL some safety organization wants to intriduce a safety lock/app for car drivers. I'm curious to know if it ever will be introduced or not..

  3. There is a stamp (more than one, actually) about this matter. I mean drive 6 texting, not gnomes :)
    I think I have sent it to you in the past (it's from 2012).

    1. Yes, I've received it. It is good to attract attention this way, too!