zondag 24 februari 2019

Mail Monster!

One and half year ago I promised to reply to Eva's mail. But it appeared that the to-reply-to mail had disappeared.

Thanks to Eva's new mail I now know why!

See more Mail Monsters on Eva's Mail Monsters Postal Project website!

On the backside of the card there is this beautiful bridge stamp... Without bridge! Another Mail Monster's act?

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Fantastic card from Eva. And I'm trying to decide if I like the stamp with the bridge 'misssing' or if I would prefer it to be present. It does look like a very long bridge, for sure.

    1. I was about to send you this stamp, but I realised I have any left :|

  2. In real the stamp looks even more wonderful - and feels like that, because the lack of bridge causes a kind of 3D effect!

    By the way, I didn't know the Mail Monster was this large, and wonder how I could have been able to not notice him/her before!....