zondag 16 februari 2014

From Vizma B.? From Marie W.? From TongJianCheng!

An interesting parcel arrived in the Netherlands, all the way from China.
From an unknown sender!

Containing a present, which made me very Happy!
A beautiful fabric pen case, with a very friendly text, accompanied by two friendly vegetarian animals: the long-eared Rabbit, and the long-necked Giraffe.

Always 'in' for nice surprises. But also always too curious to know where my received mail comes from... Frustrating to not know that...

Wait... Look at my name above the address. How could the unknown sender know that I had a discussion about 'babbelaars' lately?

(About 'roomboterbabbelaars', even!) That could have been some Princess, or Peeee. Or accompanying Person.

Anyway, who-ever the generous sender is (Vizmaaaa!): Thank you very, very much!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. HA HA HA!!! Mystery solved, Just a little something as a thanks for the marvellous parcel of goodies, For Someone Special!! "Happy yourself " made me laugh!!!

  2. Sure, and it made me happy too! Laughing is good for health. ^-^
    I also liked the phrase on the business card included: 'Our service stars from here'. Don't know if they indeed meant the celestial, or the beginning.
    Cute - thank you very much, Vizma!