zaterdag 15 februari 2014

Vizma Bruns (2)

A Platypus from the land of the Platypus: Australia!

Thanks to Vizma Bruns we can learn the story of the Old Man Platypus...

.. and learn how to have a drink while being in a Fish Tank! (My bottle of course contains water, or coffee.)
(What happened to Marie?)

Nice stamps, even a Mailogram and an original Vizma Artistamp!

This Giant Lobster was on the smallest part of the mail:

And this is a piece of fabric which really asks for being added some more stitches to!

And last but not least: a great transparent dotted envelope, with on the stamp... an Echidna, yay!

Thank you very much, Vizma!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. You're welcome, Heleen! Glad the plastic envelope lasted the distance! Water or coffee? But I saved the Dom Perignon for you!!!

  2. Oops... I already filled the bottle with plenty of coffee (with milk, no sugar)... Sorry.. It is so kind of yours, and then my reaction so bad, unpolite...
    Maybe you could give some to the otosin and to the knitting fish, they're working hard and might need it. And I'll be happy when they are happy.

    And maybe it's a console for you not serving me Dom Perignon at the moment (= not before I take a course in 'how to drink DP'), when you realize that bad things might happen when DP reaches my brain and surroundings.
    My face will get red dots (like the envelope! you knew it!) and I will be going to say things that I will regret after some hours :-)