vrijdag 24 juni 2016

Eva (23)

Usually I don't post regular postcards here, but this time the received card shows a little history, and the postage stamp on the back is interesting enough to be posted here, too.

Sent from Spain by Eva, this postcard came from the Belgian museum Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. This card shows the permanent exhibition 'Gallery of Humankind'.

The stamp shows the Myotis capaccinii, in English known as long-fingered bat, in Spanish the long-legged (patudo) bat (murciélago), in German the long-foot (Langfuß) bat (Fledermaus) and in Dutch just Capaccini's bat (Capaccinni's vleermuis).

It is the first shaped Spanish stamp I've ever seen.
Thank you very much, Eva!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. There are few shaped Spanish stamps; but I thought I had sent you another one in the past... Anyway, I'm glad that you like the picture!

  2. Well, I first hesitated a bit to post, not only because it is a 'regular' postcard, but also because the people are so, er, undressed... But then I thought of mankind being part of nature, in (pre)history being a tiny part of a large 'whole' which helped to leave my inappropriate prudishness.

  3. By the way, I don't remember an other shaped stamp from Spain!? I first thought of the dress (how coincidentally :-) ) stamps, but when I re-regarded them I saw the part outside the stamp square is part of the stamp edge, so not really shaped like shaped stamps.